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The world of tax is changing at a rapid pace. With an increased focus on global cooperation and transparency in tax matters, a new era has dawned.

A more connected, transparent and coherent global tax system will undoubtedly trigger several far-reaching changes all over the world. Countries are reforming their respective tax regimes, not least several countries in the Middle East, which have traditionally abstained from levying taxes and are now reconsidering their approach to fiscal policy. With the current trends in global oil prices, there is a need to identify new sources of revenue to fund public services and social spending.

With taxes in the Middle East all set to become a reality, there is a need for businesses to reorient themselves to this changed environment. W T S Dhruva Consultants, seeks to work closely with businesses as they embark on this uncharted journey.

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UAE Corporate Tax

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In a significant development in the UAE, on January 31, 2022, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) announced the introduction of a Corporate Tax in the UAE effective from financials years starting June 01, 2023.

Given the announcement of the new law, we believe that implementation should be well planned and thought out so that business can continue to function smoothly during and post implementation.


VAT Implication on shipping and logistics sector

W T S Dhruva Consultants is pleased to present “VAT implications on the Shipping and Logistics Industry in UAE”, a comprehensive VAT manual for companies engaged in logistics business. In particular, it explains the VAT treatment on export, import and local movement of cargo considering different charges prevalent in trade. The guide also lays emphasis on VAT compliance and the use of technology to manage the compliance. Our team of VAT experts have hands on experience in the logistics sector and have skillfully covered an extensive range of topics in this manual.

VAT on healthcare in the UAE

W T S Dhruva Consultants is delighted to present “VAT on Health Care in UAE – Impact and Insights”, a comprehensive VAT guide for companies operating in the healthcare sector. The report comprises of not only VAT treatment of different kinds of revenue streams and business models in the healthcare sector, but only various issues faced by the industry. Our Team of VAT experts have hands on experience of the healthcare industry and have covered wide range of topics. This report will be relevant and useful to a wide cross section of organizations that comprise of the healthcare value chain.