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Taxing digital financial services

UAE VAT on additional Gross Floor Area

Reactions from the UAE Business Community

INSIGHT: Interchange Fees and VAT in the UAE

How to make ‘recovery of cost’ under VAT

How to make ‘recovery of cost’ under VAT

Shipping and logistics VAT guide released

Dubai biggest beneficiary of VAT revenue

WTS Global targeting strong MEA presence

VAT in UAE: You need to deregister if…

Cosmetic services subject to 5% VAT in UAE

Seed Group, WTS Dhruva sign partnership deal

Dubai Eye 103.8 News. Talk. Sport‎

WTS Dhruva Consultants wins VAT mandates

WTS Dhruva Consultants wins VAT mandates


VAT for Beginners – Part 6

Dhruva Inauguration

VAT for Beginners – Part 5

VAT for Beginners – Part 4

VAT for Beginners – Part 3

VAT for Beginners – Part 2

VAT for Beginners – Part 1

Halla Bahrain VAT Calling

UAE Excise Tax Webinar

WTS Dhruva experts discuss the key concepts and issues in Excise Tax

Webinar Recording

Demystifying CbCR: Practical insights

Country by Country Report (CbCR) was introduced in the UAE in 2019 and the second round of compliance is due by December 31, 2021. Through this webinar, we discussed the origin and evolution of CbCR followed by addressing certain practical challenges and scenarios MNEs have been facing in complying with CbCR, particularly in the UAE. We also discussed certain economic and statistical analysis and how the tax authorities globally are analysing the data submitted in the CbC Report and finally, how all of this adds up to a tax transparent global environment leading to BEPS Pillar 2

Presentation | Webinar Recording

W T S Dhruva Cygnet Webinar: Simplify e-Invoice compliance for your business in KSA

With Phase-1 of KSA e-Invoicing kick-starting on 04 December 2021, companies are facing or likely to face practical challenges around generating & managing large volumes of e-invoices. Watch our webinar on this topic where we discuss and deliberate practical challenges on e-invoicing implementation and also use this opportunity to demo our e-Invoicing solution which has been developed factoring our experience of implementing e-Invoicing in other Indirect Tax jurisdictions.

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The new VAT and excise penalties, a blessing?

The WTS Dhruva experts discuss the new UAE decision (49/2021) on VAT and excise penalties.

Webinar Recording

Navigating e-Commerce Through The VAT Web

WTS Dhruva on Navigating e-Commerce through the VAT web.

Webinar Recording